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Riley Donovan and the Fight Against Injustice | Review of “Trial by Fire” by Norah McClintock (To be Released April 19, 2016) Orca Books

I received an Advance Reading Copy of this book via librarything.com and Orca Books

It is hard for any teen to adjust, let alone fit into a new setting. But they do have  a set of values in place and they do fight for what they think is right. That is the situation that Norah McClintock has put her character Riley Donovan in her new YA fiction novel Trial By Fire. The story is not only an enlightening one, but a gripping one as well.

Riley has been bounced around a bit. Her mother has died. Her father – a medical doctor –  has ‘turned into Albert Schweitzer’ and spends most of his time overseas. She was finally use to her Grampa Jimmy, but he passed on too. Now she is living with her Aunt Ginny who has taken a new job as a police officer in a small town. Her aunt is demanding and controlling which Riley finds difficult.

As Riley is getting her room ready in her new house, she sees that her neighbour’s barn is on fire.  She has met Mr. Goran – also new to the community being a refugee from Kurdistan – and fears for his safety. She rushes over to help but becomes trapped herself.

McClintock has written an interesting story here filled with suspense, intrigue and guile. Her phrasing is simple and has the book filled with dialog that fits the manner of today’s young reader. Plus there are facts and issues included in the plot that should enlighten and engage any reader.

In closing, Trial By Fire by Norah McClintock is a great read for the YA set. Engrossing, enlightening and entertaining, Riley Donovan should lead readers into wanting more adventures from her.

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