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Project Bookmark Canada #16 -Rachael Preston’s The Fishers of Paradise

It was a flourish of activity as Hamilton City Councillor Aidan Johnson and author Rachael Preston unveil Project Bookmark Canada #16 to adoring fans along the Desjardins Trail.

It was a exciting day for me on June 9, 2016 as I took the time to attend to two of my favourite activities: traveling and tending to my library. I had the pleasure of making my way to Hamilton, Ontario to witness the unveiling of Project Bookmark Canada’s plaque in honor of Rachael Preston’s book The Fishers of Paradise. (Link to my review)

Not only did I get a chance to meet Preston and get my copy of The Fishers of Paradise signed. I had the opportunity to learn a bit about the Project Bookmark Canada program (Link to their website where they are “literally” trailblazing Canlit sites across Canada) And I had the pleasure of meeting some of Hamilton’s cultural figures who told me about some of their city’s authors. I then made my way down to J.H Gordon Books (Link to their site) to purchase some of those books. No doubt I will be blogging about some of those books soon!



Rachael Preston honored the crowd of her fans and well-wishers by reading a selection from The Fishers of Paradise.

It was a great day, a productive one and certainly an enlightening one as well.


Scanned image from my copy of The Fishers of Paradise. Signed: To Steve, Thanks for the fabulous review and for trekking out to the unveiling all the way from (London, Ont.) Best Wishes, Rachael Preston

Link to Rachael Preston’s website

Link to Wolsak & Wynn’s webpage for The Fishers of Paradise