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A Definition of Zeitgeist within a few Simple Images | Review of “Shoplifter” by Michael Cho (2014) Pantheon Books

Image linked from author’s blog

My new-found curiosity in graphic novels has caused me to “lift” items from new areas. There is a certain illicit thrill in my new discoveries as I finger each new item for my perusal, awaking me in my otherwise dull and dry life. So there is a bit of empathy I have for Corinna in Michael Cho’s Shoplifter.

Scanned image from Shoplifter  by Michael Cho. (2014) Pantheon Books

Cho’s imagery seems to speak the equivalent of one thousand words to one simple image. We are told the story of Corinna Park. She once had big aspirations:  earning a degree in English literature and moving to the big city. But she started working at a advertising agency and finds her work tedious and unfulfilling.

Scanned image from Shoplifter by Michael Cho (2014) Pantheon Books

I have seen Cho’s work illustrating works for quite a while now so it was a pleasure to discover a complete book of his art. And the story he tells of Corinna fits well into a sense of our current zeitgeist – the spirit of the time. We have all felt that sense of being trapped and alone in our lives, and the need to do something immoral and deceitful to add some excitement is so tempting.

Scanned image from Shoplifter by Michael Cho (2014) Pantheon Books

The graphic novel Shoplifter by Michael Cho is a brilliant piece of literature. Cho has captured an essence of the zeitgeist in this book and gave us readers a few things to ponder after reading.


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