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“Riffle will evolve to support more community features like discussions and book clubs. We’re listening to what the community wants and adding features every couple of weeks.” | Q&A with the team at Rifflebooks.com

We have all turned to the internet for help in deciding what to read. Riffle Books is one such platform that has come online in the last few years and their site is evolving and growing to be quite a useful tool in helping readers what to decide what to read and to network with fellow readers. Recently the crew at Riffle answered a few questions for me and here are their responses.
1) What is the main premise behind the Riffle website? How long has it been in operation?
Riffle’s mission is to inspire reading.
Riffle already appeals to a large community of book bloggers, educators, publishers, authors, booksellers, librarians and avid readers, forming a vibrant platform for conversation and connection around reading. Riffle’s own cadre of editors ‘feature’ superlative contributions from the Riffle community, including book reviews, reading lists and author interviews.
Riffle also includes an eBook deals newsletter which goes out a few times a week. This includes bestselling free and highly discounted eBooks available on any given day. People can sign up for this service directly at rifflebooks.com/select, or as part of the Riffle community.
Riffle continues to evolve monthly. We opened the site up in September of 2013 but have not done a formal launch.
2) What are the benefits to Riffle compared to other similar sites that deal with books?
Riffle has a clean design, trying to reduce the clutter and advertising that other sites have.
Riffle is a combination of both reading updates and editorial curation of bookish content. This is a clear evolution from previous book sites.
You can use Riffle if you’re a reader and still share your lists, reviews etc. with friends who aren’t Riffle users and may be casual readers.
Riffle has a Connect Local feature that let’s you automatically follow the updates, reviews, and lists of your nearest bookstores.
3)  What are some of the most popular features of Riffle?
The activity feed, reviews, and lists are the most popular features. There is also an import from Goodreads that is quite popular. Some examples of our most popular lists on-site include contributions from our editors and our community members, for example:

Similarly we are proud that the reviews on site are produced both by our editorial team and our vibrant community:

Princess of Thorns, reviewed by Erica Bauman (http://read.rifflebooks.com/books/344158/reviews/20333)

4) Are there any new features being planned for Riffle? If yes, are there details you care to share?
Riffle will evolve to support more community features like discussions and book clubs. We’re listening to what the community wants and adding features every couple of weeks.
5) Outside of the website, your firm seems to have an active presence on some of the social-media platforms like Twitter. How do you find the effectiveness of social media to help with the operation of your website?
Social media on Twitter and Facebook gives people simple ways to keep in touch with us and to ask questions. It also gives us another avenue to distribute the excellent reviews, lists and interviews created on the website.
6) Have any prominent authors signed up for Riffle yet? Do you offer any special services for authors to promote their works on Riffle?”
All of the big five publishers as well as many indie authors use our Riffle Select ebook deals newsletter to sell their books. It is a simple, direct and highly effective way for authors to grow an audience.