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Detective Émile Cinq-Mars does more than Weather the Storm | Review of “Seven Days Dead” by John Farrow (To be Released May 2016) Minotaur Books

I received an advance uncorrected proof of this book via the author.

Fans of Émile Cinq-Mars have been enthralled by his experiences for a while now. And they are up for a real treat as author John Farrow continues the detective’s adventures in Seven Days Dead. But the real gift is that the story is so much more than a simple crime novel but also shows readers a slice of the human condition.

The plot has Cinq-Mars and his wife trying to enjoy a long overdue summer vacation on Grand Manan Island, off the coast of Maine. But the death of the island’s prominent resident pushes the couple into the heap of the investigation which reveals secrets that many people don’t want to discuss. Cinq-Mars is vaulted into scene, bringing his expertise to finding those uncomfortable truths.

Farrow has written an enjoyable book here. His descriptions of storms, of the locations, and even people’s emotions and descriptions are vivid. But the smallest details seemly researched and believable.  There is one character whom Farrow has seemingly developed from reality: a police officer who is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. How the officer deals with his illness could easily come from many accounts from real-life professional emergency workers and Farrow should receive kudos for the details he gives that character alone.

Seven Days Dead by John Farrow is a gripping and enjoyable crime novel. It is not only filled with vivid detail but with realistic scenes and situations. A book that any true reader would be hard-pressed to put down.


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“I don’t want to know what happens before I write a novel, but I do want to sense the depth of mood and wonder that’s possible.” | Q&A with John Farrow on the release of “Seven Days Dead”

Fans of a good thriller are always excited the next installment of the adventures of the favourite protagonist. And that includes fans of Émile Cinq-Mars. As Seven Days Dead is about to be released, author ‘John Farrow’ gives some insights to his work.


1) First off, can you give a bit of an outline for Seven Days Dead?

Seven Days Dead follows my lead character, retired Detective Émile Cinq-Mars onto the island of Grand Manan, NB, which is off the coast of Maine, for a holiday. Naturally, he doesn’t get much of a vacation. The island’s patriarch has died and early on only the reader knows how. An event that raises its own questions. A strange cult ventures onto a ridge under cover of a massive storm (this is Book 2 of The Storm Murders Trilogy, after all), and a man who lives off the grid in the mysterious (and actual) community of Dark Harbour also hikes onto the cliff’s edge in the extreme conditions. When the storm abates another prominent islander is found dead, and he’s been eviscerated. When the daughter of the dead patriarch comes under suspicion and evidence mounts against her, she exhorts Cinq-Mars to come to her aid. In order to unravel the complexities of the crimes that have transpired and those that follow, the city detective must delve into island history and come up against contemporary internecine battles, at risk to himself and his wife, before the case can be resolved.

2) How long did it take to write the book? Was there much research involved in writing it?