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All the Emotions of Youth and Fandom | Review of “All The Feels” by Danika Stone (2016) Swoon Reads


The relationships that younger people have today are complex and far-reaching. They spend a lot of their time in the realms of digital media and popular culture, hence some of the terms they use – like fandom – are odd and confusing to us. But Danika Stone has written a novel that not only allows many of us some insight into the world of fandom culture, but gives younger readers some groundwork to start a discussion about their obsessions. So readers can explore All The Feels on a multitude of levels.

Page 15

If she’d been feeling ambitious, Liv might have picked up groceries and persuaded Xander to teach her another of his “soon to be famous” recipes. With three little brothers and a mom who worked nights, he had taught himself how to cook. As Xander always said, “it was that or starve,” but Liv had been proctoring in the audio lab all afternoon – adjusting audio levels for amateur musical performances – and by the time she made it back, she was wiped. Besides, Liv reasoned, whenever Xander cooked, he talked . . . And tonight she wasn’t in the mood to hear about his latest cosplay ideas, or – worse yet – his last date with Arden, his bubbly girlfriend. The duo make a striking couple. (Liv could see that as much as anyone.) Arden was light and laughter to Xander’s brooding looks, but Liv wasn’t in the mood to hear about their evident happiness.

She was grieving.

Liv flopped onto the couch and pulled out her phone to scroll through the latest postings on the various Spartan websites. Almost a week after the Christmas Eve release, there were spoilers everywhere. The entire Starveil fandom was in an uproar over Spartan’s death. Liv’s throat grew thick and painful, and she searched until she found a fix-it AU, posted just today. She was halfway through reading it when she heard the garage door open. Katherine swirled through the doorway, coat flapping like the sails of a ship.

“Dinner’s on!” she called, dropping a moisture-soaked bag onto the floor of the entrance.

Stone has brilliantly wrapped up so many concepts and issues in her story about college freshman Liv. We do read about Liv’s obsession about the “Starveil” movie franchise but we also get to experience Liv’s anxiety about: friends, relationships, her mother, death, school, money, and so forth. But Stone has managed to keep all those issues flowing through the story, making the plot easy to read.

Page 112

“If you wanted to go out to a movie sometime,” she gasped. “Like  . . . Like a date or something.”

The bomb dropped.

She waited, but Hank didn’t move. He stared at her for a long time. Live felt like she was caught in a movie, and everyone else had switched into slow motion, but she hadn’t. She was certain at least thirty seconds passed before he blinked, like the film he was in had been on pause and he had abruptly caught up to her.

Hank smiled, but his time it was a different sort of smile. A weaker one. “Liv, I  . . . I don’t know what to say.” He beamed down at her, but it wasn’t the toothy grin she knew. This was something else. Something that hurt the inside of her chest. “I’m flattered. Really, I am. But I have to say no.”

“What?” The word was the sound of someone kicked in the gut.

Hank’s smile faltered. “I can’t. I mean, I’d love to, if I didn’t have a girlfriend.” He winced. “And I felt that way about you.”

Liv turned away from him. Her stomach roiled. The only possible way this situation could get worse was if she did throw up. “Oh my God.” She pushed past a gaggle of girls lingering outside the doorway and headed down the hall. She needed to get away!

“Liv wait!”

She waled faster, vision tunneling down. Now she felt like she might pass out. Oh God, her mind screamed. What have I done?

Not only has Stone kept the language clear and concise here but uses phrases and terms appropriate to the age. Many of my followers have stated they have had problems finding books for younger readers because much of the  language used in today’s selections seem stilted and dated. This book uses terms and phrases that are common usage today. Stone has not only come up with an interesting story line here but also must have researched terms and technology well.

Page 160-161

Liv glared at the laptop screen, the cursor pulsing in time to her thoughts. There was footage on her hard drive: used segments from the bonus features of various Starveil films and twice as many outtakes with Xander, music and audio clips. It was all there, ready to make and #SpartanSurvived vid.

She just needed to break her promise to do it.

“Liv?” her mother called from outside her bedroom “Can we talk?”


Liv slid her chair over to the door and locked it.

“Liv, sweetie,” her mother pleaded, “I know you’re angry I talked to Gary, but if you’d listen you’ll-”

Liv put on her headphones and hit Play.

The well-known trill of the Starveil theme flooded her ears, and she let out a sobbing laugh, overwhelmed by emotion. This was it. This was where she felt at home. Not at the dinner table with Gary! Not doing stupid school projects that didn’t matter. The sound of her mother’s knocking faded, and Liv sighed in relief. She needed this the same way she needed air. The last few weeks, she’d felt trapped, but now she was free.

Decision made, Live opened the video editor and smiled.

It was time to bring that passion back to fandom.

Danika Stone has written a great and modern book with All The Feels. The story line is easy to read yet covers a multitude of issues that concerns younger readers. In short a great and enlightening read for any age.


Link to Danika Stone’s website

Link to Swoon Reads’ website for All The Feels

Link to my Q&A with Danika Stone -“I was eager to find a Canadian press for Edge of Wild, since it’s a Canada-focused story.”


“I was eager to find a Canadian press for Edge of Wild, since it’s a Canada-focused story.” | Q&A with author Danika Stone


 Danika Stone is a very busy writer. Her novel, Edge of Wild,  was just released with the new Alberta publishing firm Stonehouse Publishing. And her new novel,  All the Feels, will be released in a week. Stone was kind enough to make time in her busy schedule to answer a few questions and give us an introduction to her latest works.


1) First off, can you give a bit of an outline of Edge of Wild?

 At its heart, Edge of Wild is the story of an outsider fighting an unknown force. Rich Evans, the new manager of the Whitewater Lodge, comes to the lonely border town of Waterton Alberta intent on dragging the town into the 21st century. But with every passing day, he encounters immediate opposition from the townspeople. And when a body is found in the woods, it becomes clear that someone in Waterton has secrets they are willing to kill in order to keep.

2) Stonehouse Publishing is a relatively new publishing firm. How did you get involved with them?  

 I was eager to find a Canadian press for Edge of Wild, since it’s a Canada-focused story. I looked through the existing presses, and discovered that a new one, Stonehouse Publishing, had recently been opened in Edmonton. After querying them, I spoke to the co-founders, and knew that they were the right choice. They had a very similar vision about Canadian literature and publishing as I do. From start to finish, it has been a wonderful process!

3) You have written for both adults and teens. Is there much of a difference in writing for the two groups? If yes, explain.

 Yes and no. There are some things I’m acutely conscious of when writing YA, like the language level and topics, but there are far more similarities than differences. For the most part, my writing process is almost identical no matter who I’m writing for.

 4) You also have a new book coming out in June called All the Feels. Could you give a bit of an outline of that book? What inspired you to write that book?

 All the Feels tells the story of Liv Walden, a Starveil fangirl who is horrified when her favorite character – Captain Matt Spartan – is killed off at the end of the latest movie. With the help of her best friend, Xander, a steampunk cosplayer and actor, she launches #SpartanSurvived, an online campaign to raise Spartan from the dead.

 Long before I wrote All the Feels, a fan using the twitter name @CoulsonLives inspired much of the fandom-based fic-writing about Agent Coulson – specifically about the fact that Coulson could have survived at the end of the first Avengers movie. The TV show Agents of Shield was developed after this online phenomenon and it was this event that first got me thinking about the plot of All the Feels.

 5) Who are you favourite writers? What are you reading right now?

 I have far too many to list, but a few that immediately pop to mind are: Margaret Atwood, Harper Lee, Audrey Niffenegger, Barbara Kingsolver, Stephen King, Rainbow Rowell and MANY others!

 I’m currently reading The Girl From Everywhere. I love time travel stories!

 6) Are you planning much in the way of public readings and discussion of your new releases? If yes, are there dates and events that you are looking forward to participating in?

 I just finished a book tour for Edge of Wild, but I do have one more date. I’ll be presenting at Owl’s Nest in Calgary, for a reading, Friday, June 17th.

 I’m also in the midst of promotions for All the Feels so if you pop by Twitter any day over the next couple weeks, you’ll find something going on. Currently, I’m the Fierce Reads featured author and there’s a digital book tour happening this week.

 Long term, I will be attending Dragon Con September 1 to 4th, 2016 to promote, and will also be involved in The Word on the Street festival in Lethbridge, September 24th, 2016.

 The best way to find out what’s going on, is check in with me on Twitter (Link to Twitter profile here) or Facebook (Link to FB author page here). All the details are there!

 7) Are you working on any new writing right now? If yes, are there details you care to share?

 I’m always writing. Right now it’s edits for a new YA project which will hopefully be out sometime in 2017, and Hinterland, the sequel to Edge of Wild. I’m not sure when that one will be released, but I’ll let you know!

 8) You seem to have an active role on social-media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. How do you feel about using those sites in relation to your books? Does it help you keep in contact with your fans?

 I’m a big believer in the power of an author’s social platform, so you can find me online all the time. I also love giving additional bonus materials on my site. It seems to me that if a reader goes out of their way to find you online, you should make it worthwhile.


Thank you for interviewing me as part of The Library of Pacific Tranquility. I had a great time!

Thanks for participating!


Link to Danika Stone’s website

Link to Stonehouse Publishing’s website for Edge of Wild

Link to MacMillan Publisher’s website for All the Feels