Steven Buechler

Bio: While I have a media background, I love the concept of reading - especially books - and the quiet forms of discourse it brings. Any reviews I do on here I do on my own time and not-for-profit. My followers - mainly fellow book lovers - tell me that they love the way I show segments of books that I review (and no copyright infringement is intended) I am truly grateful for any advance reading copies of books that I receive and in those cases will not post segments of those books before there publication date. One day soon I hope to actually have a 'library of tranquility' when time and resources allow.

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  1. Hi Steven. Lots of enjoyable reading here! Allan Stratton and I shared a couple of classes in high school. I could tell from your interview with him that he is unchanged by years and success. I read the entry with the description of the Rapid Reads theory and practice with a bit of horror- I guess it has come to this, but the calculations seem so cold-blooded.
    See you again soon, Mike, the volunteer.

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    1. Thanks Mike! I am surprised by the interest my little reading journal gets here. I guess good reviews are hard to find now. Allan Stratton is doing a reading of his new book in June at the Stevenson & Hunt Room (http://encore.londonpubliclibrary.ca/iii/encore/record/C__Rg1004746__Sallan%20stratton__Orightresult__X6?lang=eng&suite=beta) And I know a lot of people who are involved with ESL training so the Rapid Reads series would be of interest to them. Keep your eyes open here. A lot of interesting things to be posted soon!!


      1. Thanks for the heads-up on that. The logo for the series is odd- “Celebrate the Reader”, yet the logo is one book, one CD, one set of earbuds. Do audiobooks count as reading now?


  2. Dear Steven,

    Thank you for your interview with Souvankham. Some interesting questions leading to very good and surprising replies. Would you kindly correct the house name: Pedlar Press, and not The Pedlar’s Press.

    Beth Follett

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