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Talking About a Portrait That Will Never Be Truly Seen.


For the past little while I have playing around with photography, but it wasn’t until recently that I truly appreciated it’s power as a cultural medium. I had given it up for a period but as the popularity of the Instagram platform grew, I realized there was a strength in documenting the human condition via the camera. So for the past year or so, I have been fiddling with concepts like: exposure, focal length, cropping, colour balance, etc. but the most important concept has been portraiture. In creating the perfect portrait, one is required to capture elements of subject’s essence into the image. And I think I did that with the four images above, and they were included into my online portfolios – including my Instagram feed. And so did a heart-broken father of a abused daughter who hired me to do a portrait of his child, in hopes of giving her self-esteem a much needed boost.

We humans are vile, self-absorbed creatures. But we are capable of such strengths and beauties if we allow ourselves to see them. Each of these models above have these abilities and it was that aspect of those four photos Dad wanted me to bring forward in a portrait of his daughter. It was an easy enough job. Dad and daughter met me in a public setting and for an hour, I shot about 300 images giving me a series of pictures that I could print, frame and give to her. She loved them. But begged me not to post them online. Not only had her torment been physical but extended to the simplistic comments that occur on all social-media feeds. It broke my heart to agree, to which she hugged me and smiled. She loved the framed print I had gave her and she has placed it on her bedroom wall. And her Dad states that it gives her strength to see it everyday.

So pardon my little blurb on here about how I am planning to continue to work with photography and create portraits in the future. I needed to express the above story in some fashion and this seemed the perfect venue to do it.


Thanks to the above models again to helping create the perfect and unseen portrait. Please visit their Instagram links posted here. (Left to Right) Elizabeth Schon, MacKenzie L, Chanel W. and Drew Catherine.

And a big thank you to Marie at Bon Soleil studio in Toronto, Canada for allowing me to “fumble around” in her facility.