‘Drawing’ Youth into Caring about the Ecosystem | Review of “You Are The Earth” (2010) by David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlinden/Art by Wallace Edwards – Greystone Books

I am constantly asked by people for my opinions on books for the younger set. The question usually brings a sense of dread to me. Not that there isn’t a shortage of books I think younger readers would enjoy, but the opposite is the case. There is such great collection of books out there that have such great details that mentioning  why every young reader should be encouraged to read them would be quite a chore. So as the Autumn 2016 literary festivals begin to gear up, I plan to explore some of the participants online, check out there works that are accessible to me via my local library and mention the books here I like. Hopefully I will be able to network with writers, artists, illustrators and publishers further by discussing their works here.

One such way to grab the attention of any reader – let alone a younger reader – is to have great artwork to help a reader better understand a complex issue. While the words to a story may be important, art helps to move the narrative to build a better understanding of an issue in the mind’s eye. The more detailed and realistic the artwork, the better the story flows. And that is what Wallace Edwards has done with his artwork in You Are The Earth.


 As one can see by the image of the cover of the book, Edwards has a realistic style to his work. It is almost like the beings that he draws are about to bounce off the page.  Every line is fine and precise, giving detail to the image. No doubt readers of all ages will be engaged by Edwards’ artwork alone.

This is a unique book. The thoughts in it are profound and enlightening yet written in a simple style for young readers to grasp. But the images really punch the narrative through, giving the book that edge that makes the work come alive.

You Are The Earth is a great book for enlightening young minds about ecology. The artwork by Wallace Edwards is detailed and realistic which draws readers of any age into the book. This is a read well worth pondering over.


Wallace Edwards will be participating at the 2016 Toronto Word on the Street Festival (Link)

Link to Wallace Edwards website

Link to Greystone Books webpage for You Are the Earth

Link to the David Suzuki Foundation’s page for You Are The Earth


2 thoughts on “‘Drawing’ Youth into Caring about the Ecosystem | Review of “You Are The Earth” (2010) by David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlinden/Art by Wallace Edwards – Greystone Books

  1. Quite likely you already know this, but you can search library catalogues using illustrators’ names (as well as the more common authors’ names); the first time I discovered that, my TBR list probably doubled! Glad you’re having fun with this new project!

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