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Taking a Better Look Around Us | Review of “This World We Invented” by Carolyn Marie Souaid (2015) Brick Books


Again and again I am impressed with books whose writer’s either share a small moment with me that I ponder upon in my own life OR make me question the world around me. Isn’t that what good literature is suppose to do? And why am i coming across these observations now in my life (As opposed to my younger days?) Those are some of the quandaries that perplexed my mind as I read Carolyn Marie Souaid’s collection entitled This World We Invented.

Pattern Page 6-7

After years of assorted forgettables,

hand-me-downs, rust buckets,

gas-guzzling, money-sucking

Skyhawks and Monzas


when, for the first time, I see my Mazda

on the lot, brand-spanking-new,

all twenty-thousand dollars of it

without a scratch,

fenders sleek and intact,

not a spot of rust on the underbelly,

the finest feline (within my price range)

I’ve ever laid eyes on,

it doesn’t cross my mind

I’m taking a big gamble.


I’m as cool as Catherine Deneuve

in the breaking light of dawn,

coming home from the all-night casino

in a trench coat that Bogart

or Jean-Paul Bemondo might wear,

pockets stuffed with winnings.


I don’t ask.

So I don’t know.

How can I possibly know

when I lay down my cash and

pull the lever,

mouth watering in anticipation,

that the spinning symbols –

three perfect lemons –

will align just like that,


Then, within the first month,

I’ll hit the jackpot again:

rammed once,

towed twice;

and that damned skunk will leave behind

its lucky streak –

all over my faux-leather interior.

I love the lyrical component added with the frank descriptions here. There is detail and feeling all massed together with this work. It reflects my world to a tee at times, almost sharing my thoughts that I couldn’t say out loud myself.

Space (Excerpt) – Page 5

Space is not neutral.
It depends on who inhabits it
and how.
Here, it’s imbued with impulse.
It breathes.
It is wooded with dark creatures –
though it might just be me.
It’s a dimension I’d rather not think about.
I enter anyway. Being human
A residue of violence clings to the windowsill.

There are some great reflections on the world in here. The musing and pondering that the poet shares here are interesting and important. And they are often thoughts that are overlooked and never considered by the rest of us.

The Gene (Excerpt) – Page 55

The grim, hospital-gowned women

want the facts. Who are you?

How did you get here?

They fear you as others feared Hitler or Stalin

or the Ayatollah, fathers

of some of the meanest vectors of poison


But what match are they for your diabolical wit?

You, the prime architect

of the scariest, subatomic piranha

in history.



Let’s not, as people say, get ahead of ourselves.

Carolyn Marie Souaid’s collection entitled This World We Invented made me at least reflect a bit about my world around me. She illuminated thoughts I had but would have never had the notion of expressing myself. A great read.

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