The Inner Images of our Mind | Review of “House Dreams” by Deanna Young (2014) Brick Books


We have all grappled with the products that our mind produces. Be it; thoughts, images, emotions, ideas, memories or even dreams, our mind perplexes us at times into inaction. But Deanna Young has given us a reason to at least ponder our inner products as she has put her inner ideas together in her collection of poetry called House Dreams.

Beautiful, Astonishing, Wondrous (excerpt) (Page 13)

Here we are in the sky

trying not to think about it.

There goes the snack cart up the aisle.

Prodded, like a surly child.

On some tiny, industrial planet

this is a symphony: tinkly bottles

and crinkly packets. On this one

(or rather above it), it’s merely

appealing, teasing the minds

of weary, mildly worried people

with a promise of treats, a numbing

cup of wine, perhaps, whilst stuck

inside a mammoth empty-stomach

hum, improbable hundred-tonne

insect of steel. Which sounds impressive

but is feeble compared to the wind,

which predates everything and is

indestructible. Mythological. Oh mighty

Boreas, forgive us our trespasses

and drop your shields. Or

we could go around.

Young gives a definition to thoughts, images and/or dreams we all have yet fear to analyze or define. She has carefully crafted phrases to describe what she has imagined or even gone through at times and helped us feel that we are not alone with those ponderings.

The Linden Tree (excerpt) (Page 37)

Lift the blind

on a sunless morning

near the end of October.

The linden tree has been changed

overnight. Yesterday green, and now this

sea of shifting lemon slices

pouring light in your eyes.

As you have been changed

many times in this life

by a wind that made walking

your straight line to the bus stop hard,

darkness that fell early

and was there by your bed

when you woke up.

At those times, a chemistry erupted

that made you

older, more beautiful too,

and you held on

with an extraordinary will

to be alright

in the arm of each new disaster.

There are some deep-seated emotions documented here. Young has explored her inner psyche deeply here and has opened herself up to the world. And her work shows us all that we should open ourselves up and explore our inner feelings, emotions AND even inner pains no matter how uncomfortable that may be.

Rest (Page 47)

He saw twenty-two patients at the clinic that day.

eleven before noon and eleven after.

Five presented with depression.

He told them all the same thing.

He looked at them with his grey eyes:

Lots of people feel this way.

In our bedroom that night

he mentions, One woman hugged me.

He’d wanted her to take some time off work.

When she protested, he insisted.

It was what he was prescribing: rest.

He told her she was a good person.

People get through this and you will too.

He wrote out the name of a medication

and passed the slip of paper to her

like you hand a mug of tea to someone

who’s had to walk a long way

in a dark rain.

While all you could do was wait

for a sound at the door.

It’s late.

The furnace shudders,

and I go under asking the empty space

above the bed to hear my thanks.

House Dreams by Deanna Young is not only a good collection of poetry but also an excellent guide to explore our inner mind. Which is what literature is suppose to do. Nicely done.

Link to Deanna Young’s website

Link to Brick Books’ webpage for House Dreams

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