Culture-shocking our own Reality | Review of “Between” by Angie Abdou (2014) Arsenal Pulp Press

Thank you to Arsenal Pulp Press for sending me an advance copy of this book.

The ability of a writer to craft a  story showing the ills of a society around themselves is a fantastic gift to have. Angie Abdou is one such writer. She has crafted many a good book illuminating many feelings, issues and concerns in our society, using a great combination of serious prose and humour. Many of her fans have been patiently waiting for her novel Between for some time now and they will not be disappointed.

The novel deals with Vero (short for Veronique). She and her husband Shane are having a hard time being stuck in suburbia with all the trapping that come with it – kids, jobs, cars, etc. After some soul searching, they both decide to bring in a woman from the Philippines as a nanny.  Ligaya has her own back story. She had left her family back home and had been in a miserable situation in Hong Kong before coming to Canada. Vero tries hard to makes “Lili ” comfortable in the situation in Canada but things continue to fall apart for her.

Abdou has been working on this novel for many years now and her hard work has paid off. Between should be one of the must reads  of the Fall 2014 season. Abdou has successfully reflected society here and she should be proud of her work.

Between will be released in September 2014


Link to Angie Abdou’s website

Link to Arsenal Pulp Press’ page for Between

2 thoughts on “Culture-shocking our own Reality | Review of “Between” by Angie Abdou (2014) Arsenal Pulp Press

  1. I just finished this book, and agree, I think this is a must-read and would be so great at a book club. I’m parenting two boys of roughly the same age, and she gets it SO RIGHT.

    I thought “Veronique” was just her alter ego, and her real name was Vero? That makes no sense though, “Vero” was such an odd name, it seemed out of place!


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