The Imagery that Comes through Words | Review of “The Breakfast of Birds” by Andreas Gripp (2013) Harmonia Press

It is amazing how a certain combination of words can convey a meaning or an emotion to the mind’s eye. Poetry is definitely one such means of communication that create a feeling inside a person like not other form of art. And Andreas Gripp’s The Breakfast of Birds is prime example of how the right combination of words can evoke strong imagery to the mind’s eye.

En Route to the Commonplace (Excerpt) Page 2

I take the same route to work

in my car every day. That in itself

is not interesting, nor where I work

since those are just two of the mundane

things that don’t make up poems,

unless they are boring ones that no one

wants too read except the author

who must have been really bored

to write it.

What does matter

is that I pass the same set of cars

each morning going in the opposite

direction, all of us locked in this routine

that’s needed in order to pay our various


Again, none of this will fascinate,

although it’s sad that we can’t all get together

for a drink sometime on our day off,

though since we only see on another

as the brevity of a blur

that’s unlikely to happen,

no one knowing anyone else’s name,

or even where they’re specifically


Gripp uses words in a terrific manner in this book. He has a phrasing that I haven’t read in a long time. It is clear and very simple yet very descriptive.

Clover Page 6

I’m rewarded by the clover

grateful I haven’t plucked it

as a weed.

See I there,

among the herbs,

full of triune faces,

sprouting yellowing flowers

just as pretty

as the ones

that grace the yard,

its nectar no less worthy

to the eyes

that best discern,

the ones that buzz and stop

when spotting colour.

This collection is vivid and deep. Every phrase seems to have a easy-to-grasp meaning or conveys an emotion.


Leaving the Beach (Page 50)

The seagull

takes our discard

upon its dive,

that piece of rye

we cast aside

because the crust

was much too dry,


abandoned in what signifies

the lack of what is moist –

sand in all its coarseness,


grains of which take flight

whenever winds whip up

their gales,

or when the lucky

ride the down of wings

of birds

indebted to bread.

The Breakfast of Birds by Andreas Gripp is brilliant collection of poetry. The mind’s eye is easily awaken by the combination of words Gripp and one can easily grasp the emotion he conveys.



Link to Andreas Gripp’s website

Link to Harmonia Press’ Blog





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