Seeing Art through the Eyes of a Ghost | Review of “Liv, Forever” by Amy Talkington (2014) SoHo Teen

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Life has its ups and downs. You are looking forward to new beginnings and new challenges which in turn can be exciting. You are working through those thrills: new teachers, new friends and then – you’re murdered. Why did that happen? That is the challenge Amy Talkington has given her protagonist in her interesting novel Liv, Forever

The story deals with Liv Bloom. She  recently landed a scholarship at Wickham Hall, a private New Hampshire school. She is excited to get out of the foster system back in Nevada and things seem to be going great, – especially when Malcolm Astor starts falling for her.  Fellow scholarship kid Gabe Nichols warns her about getting involved with a “Wicky” but Liv doesn’t heed his warnings. Liv is murdered and, in death, she finds out that she is the victim of a 150-year conspiracy that involves many other girls.

Talkington has written a great novel dealing with many of the angsts that all teens deals with but the real beauty of the book is how she has Liv refer back to famous art works and artists in her descriptions. If a teen has an interest in art, they will gladly learn a few details about famous works and artists by reading this book.

Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington is an interesting book that should not only be enlightening for young minds but entertaining as well.

Amy Talkington’s website

Link to Soho Press’ page for “Liv, Forever”

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